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3 reasons to incorporate metallic ceilings in your project

To give sense of spaciousness, to adapt spaces to new aesthetic and decorative trends in a simpler way and to forget about maintenance…

Metallic false ceilings provide, because of their characteristics, a series of advantages difficult to achieve by other types of false ceilings made of other materials.

Why are metallic ceilings a good option?

  • Aesthetic versatility: the variety of finishes, assembly systems and colours in which the panels and staves can be manufactured allow the adaptation of the false ceilings to the latest trends. With a suitable combination it is possible to achieve unique spaces.
  • Excellent acoustic absorption: perforated metallic false ceilings are designed so that there is no reverberation of sound inside a room. While acoustic insulation refers to the noise of a space outwards, the absorption determines the noise level inside. The metallic false ceilings, due to its excellent acoustic performance, are the perfect option to optimize the acoustic comfort of any space.
  • Durability: metallic false ceilings are robust and offer a long service life with little maintenance, which in time translates into saving.

Do you need inspiration? We propose a visit to our section of metallic ceilings where you will find all kinds of solutions and ideas for the different needs that may arise in your project.


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