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5 ideas to design false ceilings

Nowadays, is becoming very frequent that architects and interior designers strive to achieve that false ceilings form part of the spaces and act as a decorative element.

These are 5 ideas for false ceilings

First of all, Aluminium decorative staves:

Rectilinear ceilings that easily adapt to any space due to the multiple measures and colours possibilities. We offer a wide catalogue with different models: straight and curved edges, vertical staves…

Also, Metallic ceilings of panels:

In 60×60 and 30×120 formats are modular ceilings very functional due to its easy assembly and disassembly that. In addition, can be combine with each other and also with the different models of decorative profiles that we offer (T-Decor range).

Another, Decorative open cell: a step forward in the decoration world. Very opened ceilings that allow to play with depth. Numerous grid measures that allow to create very decorative ceilings.

Furthermore Mineral fibre ceilings: the most practical solution for accessible ceiling systems. It is specially designed to create very white continuous spaces. Some of its greatest advantages are its easy maintenance and the great variety of models.

Finally, Wood chip ceilings: Our wide range of compact ceilings made of wood chips will give you the warmth you seek while providing an optimal response to your sound insulation needs.

THU, as a manufacturer of ceiling solutions, offers a wide variety of false ceilings. 

Different presentations and materials, all designed to create unique, personal and highly functional environments.

In our catalogue you will find a multitude of false ceiling models made of different materials, shapes and colours, which will help you to personalize and create the environment you are looking for.

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