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Accessible ceiling vs continuous ceiling

If you are evaluating the installation of continuous ceiling or accessible ceiling, we want you to know the differences between them so that you can select the option that best suits your needs.


Basically, continuous ceilings can be installed from 2 types of materials: plasterboard and plaster.

They are roof systems that are installed from an upper structure of galvanized steel in which the plates are screwed and that need a posterior finishing of paste of joints in several layers and tapes to close and / or disguise the connections between them.

Continuous ceilings, in spite of being very economic, tend to get very expensive because of the previous preparation and finishing work. They are ceilings that require a certain maintenance over time, especially in painting, and although acoustically can have a good level of insulation (if we install continuous ceilings of laminated gypsum with acoustic performances), have no correction and absorption of noise.

Continuous ceilings are also called “fixed ceilings” because they cannot be dismantled and replaced, so the fundamental demand for accessibility is negated.

On the other hand, with the removable ceilings these problems are solved. With accessible ceilings, the assembly is simple, fast and clean. The various materials of which they are made have high acoustic properties, and the panels, especially if they are metallic, lack maintenance so that the possibility of accessing to the technical installations is absolute; Simply lift the panel and, once the work is finished, put it back in place.

Now that you have all the information, what kind of ceiling do you choose?

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