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Advantages of metal

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Application areas

Metalic ceilings have the great advantage of offering a wide range of applications. These can be used in very differents projects. This provides great freedom in the design of any environment, since it can be included in numerous options. Some of the examples could be:

Airports or stations where there is a great fluctuation of people and also environmental influences from outside. Some of the features to consider here would be wind pressure and corrosion.

Also, they are used in conference rooms, offices or cinemas. In the vast majority of these cases, the most important thing is the acoustic properties of the product. Properties that many of the families of metal ceilings have.

Hospitals, laboratories, health facilities, processing plants, etc., are a field with great importance and hygiene requirements where metal ceilings are used on many occasions. This is because antibacterial coatings and the ease of cleaning the ceilings.

And as the last of the many examples that exist, we can talk about sports halls or swimming pools. In these projects we must ensure that the ceilings present the necessary care due to the corrosive atmosphere and mechanical influences. But, thanks to special metal ceilings coatings and construction methods, these products can permanently withstand such factors.

For all these reasons, metal ceilings must be considered as a product that offers numerous advantages. Among them, the facility to adaptation and meet the demands of projects.

Quality and Durability

Among all the advantages that this type of product presents, we have to stand out resistance and robustness. But, especially the ease of cleaning and access to the ceiling cavity (plenum).

The coatings and forms of construction allow them to be used in areas where there is exposure to heavy loads. Examples of this can be swimming pools or airports.

We can say the ceilings not only offer a unique design, but also impress with their high quality and longevity. That is why the life cycle they present is a great advantage.

Aesthetics and Design

The metallic false ceilings allow the almost unlimited design of the spaces, adapting perfectly to any project.

They hide those areas of the structure that don’t participate in the aesthetic, and enhance those other areas where they are installed, giving it particularity and singularity. Different colours, perforations and shapes help to create pleasant and contemporary environments.


The acoustics in spaces is of great importance. According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Spain: “Noise is one of the most frequent polluting agents in workplaces, including non-industrial ones, for example, offices.” Metal ceiling systems are particularly suitable for reducing the sound level and increasing speech intelligibility. In addition, there are numerous sources of noise that we can find in everyday spaces, for example:

  • Noise from the facilities themselves: lifts, water pipes, lighting installations; but especially the ventilation and air conditioning system.
  • Noise from office equipment: includes printers, telephones, computers or photocopiers.
  • Noise produced by people: One of the most annoying aspects are conversations, especially those in which one is not directly involved, but which are intelligible. Other sources of noise are the movement of people or their activities (stapling, hitting, etc.).

Nowadays it is very important to be able to provide people with a sustainable working life. If good acoustics are achieved, this will bring numerous benefits to the person:

  • Adrenaline is reduced by 33%
  • Increase the level of concentration up to 55%
  • Motivation can increase up to 60%
  • 20% performance improvement
  • Stress reduction by 25%

For all these reasons, think carefully about the materials and design of these workstations and try to use those that represent great advantages for everyone. If you wish, at THU we have acoustic reports on our products.

Registrability and Accessibility

Accessible technical ceilings can be made of different materials, including aluminum, steel, vinyl or mineral fibre, but there are all kinds of materials. These panels are placed at a certain distance from the original ceiling and are kept on a structure formed by the specific metal profiles of each of the products. Among its advantages we find the following:

  • Economic savings. By presenting a very simple, economical and fast assembly, this type of ceiling translates into profitability (compared to the traditional system).
  • Aesthetics. These solutions allow you to hide electrical installations, pipes, ventilation ducts, air conditioning or heating, etc. and allows access to these if necessary for repair. In addition, it not only provides aesthetics by hiding the installations, but also the original ceiling is covered so that if it has cracks, dampness or old pipes, it is completely hidden from view.
  • Durability. The durability in this type of accessible technical ceilings is excellent, with the innovative technology they present, they allow a building to last longer over time, avoiding the deterioration of use and the passing of the years.
  • Save power consumption. By decreasing the height of the room, the temperature is maintained more easily. In this way, the energy used to adapt the room entails less energy use.
  • More storage if required. In the space between the original ceiling and the false ceiling, drawers or small cabinets can be installed.
  • Great acoustic and thermal insulation.

Economy and Climate Maintenance

They can be considered as economic solutions. In the first place, because its ease of assembly means investing less time and effort, which can be translates into cost reduction.
At the same time, metal ceilings are particularly suitable for indoor climate control thanks to the good thermal conductivity of the metal. If we also add adequate thermal insulation, the perceived ambient temperature will be comfortable.
In a room with a traditional air conditioning system, the losses are generally produced by walls, floor and ceiling. The function of the refrigeration services is to introduce the necessary cold or heat into the room to compensate.
The best thermal insulation is which less cold or heat needed introduced for compensate the scapes. Quality, durability, robustness, registrability, aesthetics, easy maintenance, economy… With the use of metal ceilings in your projects you will achieve these and many more benefits.


In many spaces, metal ceilings must meet the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Places such laboratories, hospitals, food industry buildings… are places where metal ceilings allow easy cleaning. In addition to this material does not absorb moisture or dirt.
For more specific options, there are special coatings to actively combat the spread of germs and bacteria.

Fire protection

In preventive fire protection, ceilings are one of the most demanded mechanisms to protect different buildings or rooms. Fire-resistant false ceilings play an important role not only in terms of protecting life and health, but also protecting possessions and the environment. They reduce the spread of fire and therefore, the damages that could be caused both in the structure and in the inhabitants.

The main areas considered essential for fire prevention in false ceilings are:

  • Fire outbreak prevention
  • Limit the spread of flame and smoke
  • Allow the rescue of people and animals
  • Ensuring the feasibility of effective fire fighting


Metal ceilings are not only considered high-quality products, but also allow their creation through sustainable processes that save resources.

Metal ceilings components are already delivered with a very high degree of prefabrication to reduce waste on site. Already during production, attention is paid to the environmentally conscious use of resources, as the metal has a high percentage of recycling and environmentally sound coatings. This allows the ceiling panels to be safely recycled. Steel retains its quality properties after recycling and is one of the few materials that can be melted an unlimited number of times while maintaining its positive properties.


The surface of a ceiling can have an infinite number of finishes. Perforations, colours, finishes, dimensions… there is a wide range of customization options that make metal ceilings a star product to include in projects.