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Tips for installing air conditioning in a false ceiling

Tips for installing air conditioning in a false ceiling

In the heat wave, many of us miss the same thing: air conditioning. There are several types of air conditioners but the most demanded option is undoubtedly the ducted air conditioning in suspended ceilings.

This type of air conditioning provides a much greater economic savings than others. It is usually installed in the false ceilings so you will feel the cool without even having to see it. also, the fact that it is located in a removable ceiling allows for any need to access the wiring, can be done without any work or problem. It certainly brings a number of advantages, however, it is necessary to know when to use a false ceiling.

Now, when a person is considering installing the air conditioning always raises the same question: is it worth installing a ducted air conditioning? The answer is easy: if you want to air condition more than one room the answer is yes. This type of air conditioning allows air conditioning more than one room without installing more than one machine.

air-conditioning outlet in false ceiling


How is a ducted air conditioner installed in a false ceiling?

The ideal when installing the air conditioner is to do it during the process of works of the house because in this way the system will be completely hidden in terms of the indoor unit, interconnecting pipes, electrical installation and drainage.

However, in most cases this is not possible and in these cases, having a removable roof greatly benefits the person who wants to install the air. In most of the cases it will be possible to do it without works and the only thing that would have to be taken into account is to study the height at which the false ceiling must be again. The minimum measurements are 220 cm for corridors, kitchens and bathrooms while in bedrooms and living rooms the height should be 240 cm.

To determine the height that will occupy the false ceiling with the installation of air conditioning is essential to establish the air flow that will move. In this way, the necessary power must be calculated based on the surface of the house, the number of people living in it, its orientation, its insulation or the typology of the house among other things.

finishing of an air-conditioning system in false ceiling



Advantages of ducted air conditioners in suspended ceilings

The installation of a ducted air conditioning has several advantages over other types of air conditioning among which we highlight:

  • They are less noisy: ducted air conditioners stand out for being much less noisy than other models.
  • Aesthetically it goes much more unnoticed because it is not visible thanks to the false ceiling. What is an aesthetic plus in your home of great value.
  • It is a great saving of energy and money. An air conditioner is an investment, however, ducted air conditioners will allow you to save money.

In THU we are specialists in false ceilings. If you are thinking of installing air conditioning to your home and you have or want to put a false ceiling, do not hesitate to contact us.

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