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Black Ceilings

In the last years, has been seen a clear trend in architecture and design towards the personalization and differentiation of spaces, making them special and unique. To achieve its purpose, architects and designers take advantage of elements that can be added to walls, furniture and ceilings.

Within this trend we can see the use of different techniques and materials that we are not accustomed to, such as, ceilings in dark colors. This trend is increasingly successful as it brings distinction, elegance and avant-garde touch.

In THU we offer the possibility to manufacture our panels in different colours of the RAL colour chart and after having manufactured black ceilings, we tell you some of its advantages:

  • Different perception of ceiling height: depending on the technique and materials used, the roof can be made to look higher or lower, but without decreasing the space.
  • Adds intensity to the decoration: the dark ceiling brings architectural interest and make the space feel much more interesting.
  • Disguises installations: a practical solution to conceal pipelines is to paint the ceiling in black. It does not remove the installation of the view, but if it disguises considerably without losing the original height of the ceiling.
  • Differentiates areas: open spaces are becoming very trendy and painting the ceiling of some of them in black will help to separate areas.


Depending on the aesthetics wanted, we offer hidden profiles, creating continuous spaces, or in view profiles, providing a plus of decoration with our T-Decor range.

Have you already turned to the trend of black ceilings? Tell us about your projects and experiences.

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