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Black Ceilings

In the last years, has been seen a clear trend in architecture and design towards the personalization and differentiation of spaces, making them special and unique. To achieve its purpose, architects and designers take advantage of elements that can be added to walls, furniture and ceilings. Within this trend we can see the use of different techniques and materials that we are not accustomed to, such as, ceilings in dark colors. This trend is increasingly successful as it brings distinction, elegance and avant-garde touch.

3 reasons to incorporate metallic ceilings in your project

To give sense of spaciousness, to adapt spaces to new aesthetic and decorative trends in a simpler way and to forget about maintenance… Metallic false ceilings provide, because of their characteristics, a series of advantages difficult to achieve by other types of false ceilings made of other materials. Why are metallic ceilings a good option?

  • Aesthetic versatility: the variety of finishes, assembly systems and colours in which the panels and staves can be manufactured allow the adaptation of the false ceilings to the latest trends. With a suitable combination it is possible to achieve unique spaces.
  • Excellent acoustic absorption: perforated metallic false ceilings are designed so that there is no reverberation of sound inside a room. While acoustic insulation refers to the noise of a space outwards, the absorption determines the noise level inside. The metallic false ceilings, due to its excellent acoustic performance, are the perfect option to optimize the acoustic comfort of any space.
  • Durability: metallic false ceilings are robust and offer a long service life with little maintenance, which in time translates into saving.

The versatility of false ceilings of Staves

Metallic ceilings of aluminum staves are an ideal solution both for the enclosure of new works as for reforms. The very nature of the material gives a great sense of clarity and space, and requites very little maintenance. The great advantage of staves ceilings is their capability to adapt to different spaces. Whatever model you choose from our catalog: Treviso, Veneto, Italia, Verona or Venezia Staves, the installation will be simple and quick and you only have to worry about which finish is more attractive and suits better to the design. Staves are easy to cut and work on them. They can be placed both in interior and exterior areas, even in vertical parameters.

5 ideas to design false ceilings

Nowadays, is becoming very frequent that architects and interior designers strive to achieve that false ceilings form part of the spaces and act as a decorative element.

These are 5 ideas for false ceilings

First of all, Aluminium decorative staves: Rectilinear ceilings that easily adapt to any space due to the multiple measures and colours possibilities. We offer a wide catalogue with different models: straight and curved edges, vertical staves… [gallery size="medium" ids="5496,5499,5493"] Also, Metallic ceilings of panels: In 60x60 and 30x120 formats are modular ceilings very functional due to its easy assembly and disassembly that. In addition, can be combine with each other and also with the different models of decorative profiles that we offer (T-Decor range). [gallery size="medium" ids="5511,5514,5517"]