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Corporate Social Responsibility

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THU is a company based in Valencia that operates in the national and international market, where we promote and ensure the protection of and compliance with laws concerning human rights, workers’ rights and the environment.

THU is aware of the importance and responsibility of contributing to human respect and dignity. That is why we work to promote, protect and ensure the protection of human rights for all the people with whom we have a relationship, both in Spain and other countries.

This Code of Ethics aims to guide and advise the daily actions of all the people who make up THU so that we can all act under the same principles, standards and values, regardless of the country we are in. THU is committed to implementing or developing policies and actions to ensure its full implementation for both present and future generations.

This Code of Ethic is applicable to all THU employees, in its dealing with clients, public and private authorities, partners, competitors, subcontractors and suppliers of goods and services, communities or any other collective everywhere we are.

This document is a roadmap for THU as it establishes the guidelines and behaviours to take in the actions and relationships with which the company operates, following a transparent, participatory company model that considers all the groups with which it has relationships.

Although it is the THU Senior Management’s responsibility to promote this Code of Ethics, all the people who make up the company, both internal and external, are encouraged to take co-responsibility to promote these guiding principles.

Support and respect of Human Rights

THU undertakes to revise, implement and improve procedures that help to identify, prevent and remedy any Human Rights violations caused by its activities.

At THU we promote diversity and respect our employees’ personal dignity. In addition, our recruitment, promotion and organisational development processes are guided by equal opportunity and treatment principles, prohibiting discrimination based on race, politics, religion, disability, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation, political orientation or any other cause.

Avoiding complicity in Human Rights Violations

THU is committed to promoting the principles outlined in this code of ethics among our suppliers, subcontractors and other stakeholders we have relationships with to ensure coherence with these parties around the respect that THU establishes regarding Human Rights.

Supporting freedom of association and collective bargaining

At THU we recognise the right of workers to unionise, and we join in promoting and defending their interests and collective bargaining, as stipulated by national and international laws.

THU provides spaces and procedures that make it possible for workers to put forward initiatives about their working conditions, without these interfering with the company’s regular activities.

We encourage open communication in the workplace, where employees can speak to their managers about their ideas, concerns or issues and work together to deal with work condition issues.

Eliminating and preventing all forms of forced or compulsory labour

THU is committed to obeying and applying national and international legal requirements regarding the elimination and prevention of forced labour in all its activities and relationships and guarantees that anyone who works for the company does so on a voluntary basis.

THU works diligently to ensure that employees’ work hours, overtime, benefits and salaries are respected; that the employment contracts establish the terms and conditions of the service, voluntary nature of the employment and right to terminate the employment contract voluntarily, complying with the law of each country where the company operates.

Eliminating child labour

THU does not tolerate child labour, will not use child labour nor will it incorporate any product or service derived from child labour into its business activities in any of the countries in which it operates, and will ensure compliance with International Labour Organisation (ILO) standards on child labour. THU demands all employees and suppliers to follow this principle.

Supporting the elimination of discrimination

THU promotes equal opportunities and respect of employment and occupation without discrimination based on race, colour, gender, disability, religion, political opinions, national or social origin or any other situation protected by the local laws of the countries where we operate.

THU is committed to implementing inclusive workplace practices related to recruitment, promotions, training, remuneration and benefits, based only on qualification, performance, competence and the experience of the persons linked to our activities.

Supporting a precautionary approach about the environment

THU has an Environmental Protection Policy and is committed to complying with environmental laws and regulations to minimise the impact THU activities may have on its employees’ health and welfare, the surroundings in which the company operates and the environment.

The company is committed to promoting initiatives that encourage taking responsibility and implementing good environmental practices, both among its employees and the public it maintains relationships with.

Working against corruption in all its forms

THU promotes the fight against corruption both inside the company and in the operations it carries out. THU is also committed to obeying ethical and moral rules of conduct derived from the laws of each country in which we operate. We also work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion, fraud and bribery.

Workplace health and safety

THU provides a safe and healthy workplace to its employees, without violence, bullying, intimidation and disrespect.

THU undertakes to continuously update its occupational risk prevention and control measures, providing suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) to our staff, arranging training programmes and creating procedures to implement the applicable occupational risk prevention regulations. THU expects the partner companies, subcontractors and suppliers it works with to apply these policies

Social responsibility and future generations

THU is committed to implementing Corporate Social Responsibility as a business model that goes further than its legal obligations and will allow it to develop a process of reflection, continuous improvement and a commitment to competitiveness and sustainability, based on values and principles regulated by the fulfilment of human rights.

Through its CSR policy, THU promotes the management of a transparent, participatory company in which its business relationships, the quality of the employment and decision making are strategically focused on actions related to its economic, social and environmental impact.