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Suspended ceiling panels: everything you need to know 

Suspended ceiling panels: everything you need to know 

A false ceiling is a structure that is placed a few centimeters below the real ceiling whose purpose is to cover electrical installations such as air conditioning or wiring among others. This structure is usually formed by metallic profiles that in addition to the functions of hiding elements, fulfills the double decorative and acoustic function. These are the reasons why more and more people opt for the installation of plates for false ceilings in offices, premises and even homes.

The false ceilings can be made of different materials. However, the most demanded option at the moment are the plates for false ceilings. The reason? In addition to aesthetic issues and the wide range of possibilities that exist to choose which plate best suits your tastes and needs, the plates for false ceilings facilitate the possibility of accessing all the hidden elements such as wiring without the need for works.

In addition, many people also use decorative suspended ceilings to add a design element to the structure of their homes.

It is important to keep in mind before installing a false ceiling that the appropriate height in living rooms and bedrooms is 240-250 cm from the floor and in hallways, bathrooms and kitchens is usually reduced to 220 cm.

placas falso techo instaladas en un laboratorio

Advantages of suspended ceiling tiles

The advantages of the plates for false ceilings are independent of the material they are made of. We tell you the main reasons why people opt for this type of ceilings:

  • The false ceilings are an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, so you will always have a stable temperature in the room where it is placed and avoid annoying sounds from outside.
  • As mentioned above, they will allow you to hide pipes or even the electrical installation, facilitating access to it without the need for construction work.
  • The great variety of false ceilings that exist will allow you to install one that totally adapts to your needs.
  • The false ceiling also allows you to lower the height of a high ceiling that often gives a feeling of coldness.

placas para falso techo instalada en un aeropuerto


Plates for false ceilings of THU

In THU you can find a wide variety of profiles to place the plates of the false ceilings, as well as some of the most demanded ceilings.

  • Florencia tile: its panels can be made smooth, with multiple perforations and with special finishes according to requirements.
  • Capri tile: specially designed for installation in large spaces. Its aesthetics provides great modernity to ceilings and allows original combinations for the creation of quality environments.
  • Murano tile: perfect for corridors or transit areas. It is characterized by its easy registrability at any point, facilitating access to electrical installations and air conditioning.

In THU we have the false ceilings with the best plates. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will advise you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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