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T Range

The design of the “T” slats is clean and elegant, its main characteristic is that it is completely sealed after installation, but at the same time, it allows easy access to the interspace of the ceiling, plenum, thanks to its easy opening . It provides a plus of security in all installations, and with the toscana model, the length of the slat simply supported on its short sides is extended up to 3.5 meters.


This Range is made up of the Teramo, Tívoli and Toscana products.


Teramo: The design of the Teramo slats is clean and elegant, its main characteristic is that it is completely sealed after installation, but at the same time it allows easy access to the interspace, plenum, thanks to its easy opening.


Tívoli: The Tívoli slats are an evolution of the Teramo slats. They are specially reinforced to have a wider 300mm base without bulging. Tivoli slats can be equipped with locking systems, suitable for gyms or train stations.


Toscana: Toscana slats go beyond the limits of traditional self-supporting slats. With its large base, these are self-supporting up to 3.5 meters. The system is widely used for adjoining false ceilings in corridors, small rooms and lobbies that stand out for their spacious and linear design.

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Product benefits

  • Clean and elegant
  • Registrable
  • Easy opening
  • Safety

Characteristics and performance

Reaction to fire

Euroclass A1/A2-s1,d0 according to UNE-EN 13501-1-2019 standard


Class C


epd thu

Colors and dimensions



Model 75 / L75 H15 mm / 13.5 ml x m2
Model 150 / L150 H15 mm / 7 ml x m2


Model 200 / L200 H30 mm / 5 ml x m2
Model 300 / L300 H30 mm / 3.5 ml x m2


L400 H43 / 2.5 ml x m2
L500 H43 / 2 ml x m2
L512 H43 / 1.95 ml x m2
L600 H43 / 1.66 ml x m2

THU Silver
THU White
THU Black

Other colors, consult price
*Possibility of wood finishes

Installation and cleaning

  • The material must be stored in dry areas, away from heat sources, well ventilated and protected from direct sunlight and rain.
  • THU Profile ceilings are placed in the last phase of construction, that is, when all the enclosures have already been placed and the installations have already been located.
  • It is necessary that the area where the ceiling is to be placed is clean and free of obstacles that hinder the installation procedure.
  • Install the ceiling in environmental conditions of temperature (from 15 to 25ºC) and humidity (from 35 to 75%).