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c/ Masía de monte Alcedo, parcela 4.3
Pol. Ind. Masia Baló, 46394
Ribarroja del Turia (Valencia)

(N) 39º 28’ 59.4654’’ = 39.483185º
(O) 0º 35’ 8.4258’’ = -0.585674

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961 340 544

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Pitágoras building

The ceilings add a unique touch to the project

PITA is the Scientific-Technological Park of Almería, a perfect place to work if what you are looking for is innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. In this space, the Hygitech Vinyl plates and the Lama Treviso were used. Both products are distributed throughout many of the rooms in the building, providing a unique touch to the project. Lama Treviso is a metal false ceiling made up of different pre-lacquered aluminum slats, inserted into tabs of metal battens and hung from the upper slab by means of a system of threaded rods. While the Hygitech Vinyl plates are made of Laminated Gypsum covered with a white or black Polyvinyl Chloride sheet that gives it special qualities of impermeability and cleanliness. It is a versatile ceiling that adapts to any type of venue whatever its activity.


Superficie 10.000 m2


Treviso Stave and Placa de Vinilo Hygitech


White pre-lacquered steel and laminated plaster vinyl


Treviso 200 and Vinilo 600×600

pitagoras thu

10596 m2






pitagoras thu
pitagoras thu

In this space, you will find all the infrastructure and services you need to establish your business and make it grow: common spaces, meeting and conference rooms, laboratories, car parks… In addition to other spaces to enjoy your rest time such as green areas, cafeterias and gym.

pitagoras thu