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Quality, Environmental and R+D+I Policy

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  • The Quality, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety and R&D&I Policy at THU Ceiling Solutions, which currently offers manufacturing and marketing services for:
    Suspended ceilings (panels, staves and grids).
    Detachable ceiling profiles (false ceiling).
    Profiles for continuous ceiling systems (laminated plaster panels).
    Profiles for partitions and industrial roofs and ceilings.
    Light structure.
    Our main priority is to take our work seriously and provide quality products and services, while maintaining a level of professionalism that is recognised throughout the market. We always aim to offer products that meet the expectations of our customers and all other stakeholders, with a particular focus on obtaining a comprehensive understanding of these expectations and needs.


Our main purpose is to maintain and progressively increase our customer portfolio, open ourselves to new markets and provide new products that can meet customer needs which until now were not being satisfied. That is why at THU Ceiling Solutions we will be continuing with our policy of continual improvement, customer focus, respect for the environment, innovation and employee health and safety, while always aiming to maintain full understanding of all internal and external issues that may affect the organisation and its ability to achieve its goals. It is for this reason that we created this Quality, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety and R&D&I Management Policy.


Improving products and production processes and optimising use of resources are fundamental objectives given the current situation of the market, and it is the responsibility of our management department to achieve them. Our products are subject to current standards (UNE-EN 13964 and UNE-EN 14195). The need to meet legal requirements and the expectations of our customers is also a key priority for us at THU Ceiling Solutions. An example of this is the fact that we hold the AENOR (RP 35.12 regulation) and NF (NF 411 standard) certifications for laminated plaster profiles.

We implement processes to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and we perform advance analysis of the environmental impact of our activities and services. We are committed to protecting the environment, which includes preventing pollution and reducing waste production to conserve resources.

As such, we promote sensible use of natural resources and awareness of how important it is to protect our environment, not only through our own work, but also through the involvement of our employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

We remain fully committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injuries and health issues, to promote and achieve a motivational environment for all members of the company, to eliminate hazards, to reduce risk and to consult with and ensure the participation of all employees and their representatives.


THU Ceiling Solutions has implemented and maintains a Quality, Environmental Management and Occupational Health and Safety System in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. We are always focused on our processes and on constantly evaluating the risks and opportunities associated with them, as well as their context and the goals we’ve set for ourselves, aiming to improve performance and meet the established requirements, while constantly improving efficiency with full support from our management department.


THU Ceiling Solutions has also implemented an R&D&I Management System in accordance with ISO 166.002, with the main objective of establishing the necessary guidelines for effective organisation and management of current R&D&I activities, in addition to ensuring constant improvement over time. We therefore aim to optimise the organisation’s R&D&I processes, developing our strategy in this area with an equal focus on the development of new products with high added value and innovation within the company’s industrial processes. Both areas have been identified as essential for the growth and positioning of THU Ceiling Solutions at a national and international level, by offering a wide range of guaranteed high-quality products and competitive prices.

The management department at THU Ceiling Solutions is firmly committed to promoting innovation within the company, actively involving themselves from developing the strategy to follow, to monitoring and evaluating the various projects (Quality, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety and R&D&I Management Policy).

All the requirements needed to achieve our goals are established on a regular basis and are monitored closely to ensure they are met.


Although coordinating and carrying out the necessary actions are largely the responsibility of the Quality and Environment Manager, the Innovation and Product Manager and the managers of the various departments, it is ultimately the management department that is responsible for providing the human, technical and financial resources to achieve what needs to be done.

The management department therefore asks all interested parties to do their part so we can continue along these lines and achieve the highest quality guarantee that we can possibly offer.

Gabriel García Izquierdo

General Management