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Removable ceilings, what are they and what uses do they have in construction?

Removable ceilings are made up of ceiling plates that are placed on a metal structure and, although they can be used for all kinds of projects, their use in health centers, gyms and, above all, offices stands out. They offer fluidity, elegance and favor a relaxing environment, and for this reason removable ceilings are a great option for offices. We’ll tell you then.

Removable ceilings, a safe bet for office design

Removable ceilings are a safe bet for office design. Its functionality lies mainly in the possibility of hiding cables, pipes or fire alarms, among others, and at the same time having easy access to them. The sense of order and comfort that the office will give is what any entrepreneur longs for.

This type of ceiling with metal trays also has decorative properties that can add great aesthetic value to the office. Different materials, textures and colors can be combined to create a space that looks like a true work of art.

There is a range of possibilities regarding the design of these ceilings to please the wishes and tastes of all customers. In addition, they adapt to any finish in such a way that they can be painted and personalized.

Characteristics and advantages of removable ceilings

Removable ceilings have countless advantages from their installation to their functionality. Among the most outstanding we find:

Installation: the first great advantage lies directly in its installation, being easy and quick to place. Its installation does not require the intervention of a large number of people and its assembly can be done in a few hours or a few days, depending on the size of the place. This easy and fast installation condition makes it perfect for those time trial projects.

Resistant and durable: although at first glance it may seem that this type of ceiling is not very solid, the reality is that it contributes to improving the condensation of water that can accumulate due to the materials from which they are usually formed: plaster, rock wool and mineral, laminated plasterboard, metal and wood. In addition, it has a great resistance against fire.

Insulation: they balance the climate of the room against low and high temperatures, creating a fresh and comfortable environment. In addition, they are noise insulators.

Easy repair and replacement: simply remove the damaged or deteriorated plate and place another. This quick, clean and easy procedure ensures that the ceiling is always in good condition regardless of possible problems such as excess moisture or stains.

Economic: its low price also represents a very considerable economic saving. They are some of the cheapest and most accessible roofs on the market.

Efficiency: removable ceilings facilitate access to wiring and also allow technical elements such as speakers or cables to be hidden, unifying and organizing the space in the same decorative line. Thus, it fulfills the aesthetic and functional functions that this type of ceiling entails.

At THU we have the best quality removable ceilings as well as excellent ceiling profiles. If you have any questions, contact us and we will advise you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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