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Main office
c/ Masía de monte Alcedo, parcela 4.3
Pol. Ind. Masia Baló, 46394
Ribarroja del Turia (Valencia)

(N) 39º 28’ 59.4654’’ = 39.483185º
(O) 0º 35’ 8.4258’’ = -0.585674

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961 340 544

961 667 821

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Responsible production and materials

Metal ceilings are not only considered high quality products, but can also be created through sustainable processes which are sparing on resources. A recycled and recyclable material which provide ready-assembled to reduce residues where is going to be installed.

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Warm and comfort to our day to day

Nowadays, comfort is essential in our living environments. Room climate and acoustic control are two key features for comfortable and sustainable spaces.

Metal ceilings are the best option for controling room climate and the sound level reduction in the facilities.

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Inspiration and design

Promote the most creative part in the conception of unique spaces. Our goal is provide with high quality and beautifull materials to projects that admires at the first sight.

Metal ceilings and their versatile character allow them to be adapted to each space whatever the needs of professionals.

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The best combination of materials

Metal, plaster, mineral fibre, wood…. Accessible ceilings provide multiple combinations. Easy-to-assemble solutions, which save time and effort.

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Modernity and practicality

The THU structure composed of main and secondary “T” profiles permits the suspension of insulation boards of different sizes and materials. Easy-assembled and concealed systems allow a multitude of designs to be created that leave the installations covered, leaving the original ceiling hidden but accessible at all times.

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