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c/ Masía de monte Alcedo, parcela 4.3
Pol. Ind. Masia Baló, 46394
Ribarroja del Turia (Valencia)

(N) 39º 28’ 59.4654’’ = 39.483185º
(O) 0º 35’ 8.4258’’ = -0.585674

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Frim principles

One of our important achievements is the creation of principles that expands in every country where THU is located and that aim to improve labour conditions, environment and society

SDGs UN Global Compact

What matters most to us are the people and the habitat in which we live, that is why we base our entire action plan on the ten principles of the Global Agreement related to sustainable development goals.

A sustainable quality

Achieving a product with the highest quality is not incompatible with a production process which cares for the environment. We use recycled and recyclable materials throughout all our processes, thus reducing our ecological footprint as much as possible.

We study, develop and implement values that are of Benefit to our workers, to those around us and to the environment.

thu derechos humanos

Human Rights

normas laborales thu

Labour laws

thu medio ambiente


thu anticorrupcion



Our Code of Ethics aims to guide the daily performance of each person in THU in such a way that we follow the same principles and values. THU is committed to implementing or developing policies and actions for both present and future generations.

CSR. Grow as people to grow as company

One of the most important points of our actions in CSR is Human Rights. We directly support projects of NGOs and we also help, motivate and promote the spirit of solidarity among employees through Corporate Volunteering.

Our CSR code

Environment. We take care every details from start to end

Whether from the origin of the materials, the energy, the process and place of production and the elements that accompany our products. We try to find the system that will reduce our ecological footprint the most. Because by improving every details, we achieve an exemplary and respectful process.

Energy efficiency

60% Saving energy in lighting 0
169MWh annual lighting saving 0
-56 CO2 ton in the energy generated for lighting 0
25MWh annual compressor saving 0
-56 CO2 ton in usage of compressor energy 0

Efficiency in every way

Aim: We improve energy efficiency in our productive processes, through projects that benefit the environment