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c/ Masía de monte Alcedo, parcela 4.3
Pol. Ind. Masia Baló, 46394
Ribarroja del Turia (Valencia)

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THU Ceiling Solutions



The presence of any company in international fairs (and national), is a basic tool for those businesses that need to make themselves known, expand market, show new products, or simply get contacts that eventually translate into subsequent sales (development of new lines of business).

THU is aware that it is a basic marketing tool, since it constitutes the advertising showcase of the company’s image, its products and the advantages of using them.

There are four main objectives to participate in a fair and these are framed within our strategy in the medium term. These objectives are:

  • Communication objectives: to make known who we are, what we are specialists in, why we are proud to show us at a fair.
  • Price objectives: to be able to align the prices of our products in each market in which we want to be.
  • Distribution objectives: to be able, through contacts established in the surroundings of a fair, to organize the distribution channel of our products.
  • Product objectives and brand positioning: that our brand, THU, is linked to products of high quality in the sector for which we manufacture our wide range of ceiling solutions and profiles.

Nowadays, in THU we are committed to being present at fairs (Spain, Algeria, Morocco, Colombia, Bolivia …) as a means to open and conquer a market or simply to consolidate it. In addition, in line with our new strategy, we strongly want to position ourselves as a company specialized in the manufacture of metallic ceilings and in the commercialization of all kinds of solutions for technical ceilings. Due to these reasons the presence in fairs is very important in our Marketing activity.

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