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What is a false ceiling and when is it used?

What is a false ceiling and when is it used?

Also called technical ceiling or demountable ceiling. A false ceiling is a structure made of metal profiles that is installed in the upper part of a house or office. Its main purpose is to hide installations and wiring, but it also has a double acoustic and decorative function.

What are the advantages of using a false ceiling?

In addition to being a type of economic and easy to install ceilings, there are a myriad of benefits offered by the false ceilings among which we find:

  • Cost and energy savings: this type of ceilings work as heat distributors so you can save on heating.
  • Acoustic insulation: this advantage is the main reason why suspended ceilings are so popular. The false ceiling improves the acoustic quality of the place since it creates a double ceiling that manages to make the sound find a greater barrier. By increasing the thickness of the ceiling, the sound does not pass from one floor to another in such an evident way.
  • Resistance: despite the widespread myths that exist about this type of ceilings, the reality is that they are very resistant to moisture so much so that many people choose to use these ceilings in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Functionality: the possibility of easily accessing the upper part of the ceiling to attend to all the needs of the ceiling is another of the main benefits. Therefore, you will be able to permanently access hidden fixtures to make repairs or upgrades.
  • Design and elegance: a large number of people use decorative drop ceilings to add a design element. Although a few years ago they were usually installed in offices, they are now expanding and entering other sectors such as hospitality and residential, among others.

Types of false ceilings and tips for choosing the one that best suits your needs

Currently there is the possibility of choosing from a wide variety of false ceilings and there is no single criterion for classification.

On the one hand, depending on their placement, false ceilings can be:

  • Continuous: they are the most demanded for personal dwellings. It is covered by a layer of plaster or plasterboard that hides the structures of the metal profiles.
    Track ceilings: ceilings characteristic of offices and industries. They are mounted on a metallic structure where square plates are placed that remain in sight, which allows that the revisions of the hidden facilities can be revised periodically without any type of problem.
  • On the other hand, we can make a distinction of the false ceilings according to the material of which they are made. Here you can find a wide variety of ceilings where you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

In THU we work continuously to reduce our ecological footprint to the maximum, therefore, among the most sustainable false ceilings we can highlight the false ceilings of mineral fiber, metal or wood.

The false ceilings that you can find in THU are the best option to give an added value to the decoration of your space. If you have any questions or queries, we will be happy to assist you.

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