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What is a false ceiling?

A false ceiling is any secondary ceiling hanging from a floor whose basic function is to hide installations, improve acoustics and beautify spaces.

Its most widespread concept is the false ceiling, but we can also refer to it as a technical ceiling or removable ceiling. Any ceiling that is included in the development of a project is tangible and is part of the environment. It provides functionality and plays a priority role in the design. When we talk about a false ceiling, it gives us the feeling that it is not important as a secondary element, nothing is further from the truth. Today we have to know main false ceiling advantages.

Main benefits of using a false ceiling

The main false ceiling advantages offered by these systems are basically 4:

  • Aesthetics: It offers a wide variety of solutions that adapt to the architect’s design requirements. But in a standardized and safe environment due to the standards that the supplier industry is required to comply with when manufacturing the ceilings.


  • Acoustic comfort: Data such as the acoustic absorption coefficient or the noise reduction coefficient are intrinsic measurable parameters of these solutions. They are of great interest when using suspended ceilings since they provide, in any case, that acoustic comfort of great importance in buildings of any type.


  • Registrability: This is the possibility of easily accessing the upper part of the ceiling to hide all the installations. Such as electrical or computer circuits, air conditioners, lights…etc. In addition, this ease of access must be permanent since there are often repairs or updates to facilities. That is why suspended ceilings are also called removable.


  • Durability: The quality of the ceilings in their manufacture must be impeccable to guarantee significant durability. And there are solutions that guarantee durability more than others, such as a metal roof instead of mineral fiber, for example.

We can say that the use of suspended ceilings in architectural design is of relevant importance. This is because they provide the architect with the ability to create interior spaces with advanced aesthetics. All this without losing the functionality provided by the suspended ceiling.

They have the possibility of being disassembled to access the upper part in case of carrying out installations or repairing them, so easy to install. They have good durability and characteristics for acoustic improvement and cleanliness. In addition, suspended ceilings are specialized products that the manufacturing industry has been standardizing for years and adapting to design needs. They comply with important safety regulations, and this is of vital importance for the Architect who is increasingly aware of it.

In short, false ceilings are characterized by their design, functionality, safety and acoustic improvement.

Sound insulation. Main advantages of false ceiling.

Acoustic insulation is the ability of a material to create a barrier against noise. Thus preventing them from passing to the outside or inside, guaranteeing the comfort of the room, room or home. This property is normally determined by mass. The higher the density of the material, the greater the insulation capacity. Accompanying suspended ceilings with accessories to increase insulation is the most common when a high noise insulation capacity is required (rock wool…).

Another different concept is acoustic absorption, which is perhaps the most valued in the projects in which we have participated. There is a wide range of ceilings designed to improve acoustic absorption depending on the needs that are required in each work: from mineral fiber ceilings with high acoustic coefficients, to different types of metal ceilings with medium absorption only accompanied by acoustic veils of little thickness.

Importance of the false ceiling as a decorative element

There are more and more installations of technical or removable ceilings with a high aesthetic and decorative load. In this sense, metal ceilings are becoming the protagonists due to their multi-functionality. With them, a multitude of possibilities and needs of the work are covered. If until a few years ago they used to be installed normally in offices, today their expansion and entry into other sectors is on the rise: retail, hospitality or homes, among others. Its presence is increasing and the trend continues to grow thanks to its importance in decoration.

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