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What to take into account when installing a false ceiling?

The factors that are going to intervene in the installation of a ceiling and that, therefore, are going to be taken into account are those that are related to aesthetics, durability, acoustic comfort and registrability, since they are the main benefits of a technical ceilings.

We also find other factors that are of importance. These are:

  • The possibility of washing the ceiling in the case of kitchens
  • Have bactericidal characteristics of certain finishes in the case of hospitals.

In addition, in recent years, due to environmental awareness, sustainable false ceilings have also become fashionable, so it is another factor that is beginning to gain weight.

In any case, we must avoid falling into the most common mistake:

  • Choosing a material inappropriately according to the room or place where it is going to be installed.

It is an error that usually occurs in outdoor or semi-outdoor installations. At the project level, they are usually well defined, but due to cost issues or transmission of information in the chain of participants during the execution phase, materials that are not 100% adequate are usually modified or chosen. You have to be very on top of each project so that this does not happen.

What materials can we use in the installation of a ceiling?

Currently the range of possibilities is immense and with different ranges of products suitable for any budget:

  • Plaster and gypsum-based ceilings
  • Mineral fiber plates with acoustic behavior
  • Wood and vegetable fiber ceilings
  • Widespread metal ceilings due to their wide variety of colors and shapes

Depending on the project and the required technical requirements, the material will be, to a lesser or greater extent, a conditioning factor for the performance of the suspended ceiling. Fiber ceilings have high acoustic performance; wood ceilings with a higher density than the previous ones work very well for insulation; and aluminum metal ceilings are highly recommended for their aesthetics as well as for placement in outdoor or semi-exposed areas.

How are suspended ceiling installations executed?

For its development and implementation, the BIM methodology is used. This consists of the integration of several technologies to carry out the projects through a 3D digital model.

It provides a transparent and open workflow that allows the participation of all members of the project (from architects and engineers, interior designers to manufacturers and builders) and establishes a transversal communication flow between them through which all information circulates. related to the building throughout its life cycle. All this allows to reduce production time and reduce costs.

What is the current trend in the installation of a false ceiling?

The installation of continuous ceilings continues to be the most valued today, above all for its speed of assembly and cost, although it is true that metal ceilings, especially in the tertiary sector, is the option that is gaining the most strength and, according to our trend studies in 2021, has a long way to go in the medium and long term. They are perfectly adaptable and combinable with any type of material, even with other suspended ceilings made of different materials. Color and perforation possibilities provide a variety of aesthetic options and acoustic solutions.

The market increasingly demands more innovative solutions. What is fashionable today will soon be obsolete, and we have to be prepared to offer new products that can leave the horizontal plane and integrate with the new type of construction. A construction with a high integration of new technologies.

Currently, with the improvement in the construction sector, new works are numerous and their projection, even with the current situation of uncertainty caused by the pandemic, makes us be positive and envision a good horizon, at least in the short and medium term.

Without a doubt, during the years of economic recession, rehabilitation and reform have played a very important role. In a few years in which new construction was scarce and what there was was limited by costs to a very contained budget, rehabilitation and reform have somehow achieved that manufacturers, not only of technical ceilings, have been able to overcome not without difficulties a complicated period.

At present, the reform and rehabilitation sector represents approximately 30%-40% of our sector, a very significant percentage that ensures a future in the short/medium term, also supported by new construction, which has also increased in recent years. developed with force and the forecasts are that it will continue.

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