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wooden ceilings

Wooden ceilings, an interior decoration trend.

Wood never goes out of style, no matter how many years pass. Who has not ever dreamed of that cozy wooden house that always appeared in children’s stories? Rustic, sophisticated and cozy. There is no doubt that wood in the home istendence, and it is not for less. The warm touch that it gives us and the relevance it has at a decorative level, means that more and more people choose this type of ceilings to put them in their home.

These ceilings of wood chip plates can be formed in whole or partially by wood or, on the other hand, they can have this material as a coating. Either way, its strength, beauty and consistency are three simple reasons why wooden ceilings are booming either completely or as a coating.

Living rooms, bedrooms, even bathroomsand kitchens, wood is expanding to every corner of the house. Although it seems a bit strange to use it in certain parts of the house, the reality is that man has used wood to build shelters since time immemorial.

What are the benefits of installing wood-clad ceilings instead of wooden ceilings?

Versatile: the versatile condition of wood means that this material is fully adapted to all kinds of decorative styles. Bohemian, rustic, minimalist… it doesn’t matter. Wood combines and blends very well with many other materials to give that cozy touch to your home regardless of your tastes.

Insulation: the combination of a metal roof with wood cladding is the perfect bet forthem places where the climate is cold. One of the most outstanding properties of wood is that it is a perfect thermal insulator so it is able to keep your house at the most appropriate and comfortable temperature. On the other hand, metal roofs are removableand very resistant to the ravages caused by bad weather. That’s why metal ceilings finished in wood or shavings are so popular. This directly means a reduction in energy consumption costs. Your pocket will appreciate it.

Little stone: the combination of a light roof with wood cladding significantly reduces the load on the roof so the support frames will work a long time without any problems.

Three reasons to bet on wooden ceilingsin interior decoration

1.Comfort and warmth: wood is synonymous with elegance and comfort. Give that warmth that your house needs to be your home, your refuge. It gives depth to the most forgotten places in the house.

2.Practical, durable and cheap: functionality, high strength and low price are some of the reasons why more and more people are opting for ceilings finished in wood. They withstand humidity and over time retain their appearance better than otheralternatives.

3.Two for one: the combination of a metal roof finished in wood or shavings will provide you with all the advantages of a lighter roof with some of the benefits of wood.

More and more interior designers are defending that the ceiling is also the protagonist of all spaces. Modern, rustic, minimalist… the ceilings finished in wood adapt perfectly to any style.

In THU we are specialists in that indispensable protagonist of your home, so if you have any questions, ideas or need us to advise you, do not hesitate to contact us.

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